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Monday, October 29, 2007

Free Domain and Earn At 000Webhost

I've been referred to this through one of my job. 000Webhost offers free domain and earn $5 per person signup. Cool isn't it? Payment will be made using paypal. No payment required, the registration is FREE. You only need to verify your account with your phone number.

The only disadvantage is, just like other new program, it is hard for them to earn trust from users (in term of payment) but just like WidgetBucks, I would give this a try. Besides, I earn a domain name for registering :p

Register Now to get A Domain FREE!


Carl J said...

Their affiliate program is a scam. I've read a lot of posts from people who have been waiting 2-3 months for payments.
I've met the minimum $100 payout, and am still waiting for my payment. I've opened 2 tickets, one was closed without a reply, and the second is still open.

prinzcy said...

Really? Wow, that is suprising. I haven't reach the minimum payout so I haven't been able to ask for payout. Hmm... I'll check this further.

LEGIT freebies dude! said...

What's the catch with their service? What's their revenue source? I've seen sites like this go down way too fast.

prinzcy said...

LEGIT freebies dude!,

What's the catch? None so far (what's the catch with providing free webhost with their name anyway? It just like freewebs and tripod)

So far, I haven't found a proof that proven that they really really scam (apart from carl j comment that is) Anyone else haven't been paid and has a proof better blog it. If not, 000webhost will be label as not scam.

Anonymous said...

Have paid out they ?

Guru said...

000webhost.com is a scam!

Had 305 dollars worth of signups. Guess what. Account suspended. They suspend accounts without reason, they don't respond to support questions and certainly don't respond to questions concerning postponed payments.

If you ask a question about their payment postponement (3 months in a row my payments were postponed by 000webhost!!!) and they don't like your question, your account gets suspended.

How convenient ey, that they don't have to pay you then.

For 3 months I was eligible for payments. Each month they had some reason why this months payments were postponed to the next month.

Never got paid, never got answers. Their hosting is free, yes. But their 5 dollar affiliate program is a SCAM!

Please don't use this!

prinzcy said...

Wow, now the table has turned. Then, it's better to avoid this. I haven't come across someone that's been paid.

So, it's concluded here that 000Webhost is scam.

Guru said...

First of all, I was eligible for $305 dollars of 5 dollar signups. They all had the 60 day active period. Guess what, affiliate account gone. No more $ 305 dollars!

Their support system:

Just pasted it from the control panel:

Last Update:
196h 58m 6s
General Request
Last Reply By:

As you can see, the request is now open for 196 hours! So don't expect support from 000webhost.

In short: 000webhost.com is a scam!

They won't pay you, NEVER!

Anonymous said...

it seems like the same person (Guru) is complaing about that affiliate program both on Achmadz's blog and here...

prinzcy said...

Well, even if he does, what he said probably true. So far I haven't read/found proof of payment by 000webhos yet.

Guru said...


To respond to a previous comment. I have posted on several blogs that 000webhost 5 dollar affiliate program is a scam, because I don't want other people to fall for their scam.

I put the effort of placing several postings on several blogs because I want them revealed and stopped in their scamming practices. I was thinking the more postings. The more it could be get known they are a scam.

Anonymous said...

I wonder about people who keep talking that 000webhost is a scam.
When I type 000webhost + scam at google, I found a lot of people is complaining about affiliate scam. But, after a deeper research.. I found that those bad comments only done by several same people. The other only said it's scam without reason.., they only said it's scam because they see a lot of bad comments about 000webhost. For those who got suspended, maybe you say some restricted words(not polite words) to them that make them angry. Even if 000webhost affiliate is scam..guest what... you still get the 100% free hosting. Just give positive thinking, you help them so you can get free hosting forever(besides, they not force you to join their affiliate..., it's your choice).

prinzcy said...

That's why I make a comment previously about blogging the payment proof. how can anyone believe it if no one has been paid?

And for your second thought about it's ok if it's a scam, I don't think most people agree. Almost all affiliate want to get paid when becoming affiliate (or should I say all of them) No one work to promote and provide link for free.

radioilluminati.com said...

I read somewhere that a person was not paid by the company. He said when they was going to pay him money he would recieve a message that they need more time then 30 days.

After I made my 20 signups then I got the same message.

Try to sign up and see if it says 30 or 60 days.

This is what they wrote"Announcement: we have started to use 60 days signup verification procedure (we used 30 days signup verification system before). That is because we received lots of fraudulent signups especially from Vietnam and China and we need more time to check everything. So if you have referred user today, it will be credited in 2 months. We need these 2 months to protect us from fraudulent signups. We are sorry if we made any inconveniences for you and let us to know if you have any questions."

Shuheb said...

you got suspended GURU because you signed up your self alot of times or who gets $305 of signup that easy?

Guru said...

I did not get suspended for signing myself up. They have a system to check for genuine new members.

I got booted because I had too many questions why I did not get paid.

THEIR ANSWER IS TO BOOT YOU! and not pay you.

For those unbelievable unbelievers here... SHow me your paypal payout! I have been waiting for that for 6 months now. Nobody. NOOOOBOOODDDYYYY has ever shown a paypal slip wher ethey got paid by them.

Now let your brain work (especially shuheb) what does that tell you? That their bank is slow??? That all affiliates should keep their mouth shut and wait yet another month??? and another month... untill you go ask 000webhost people... and then.. you wait... wait.. and look at your account... and you suddenly don't have an account anymore....

Heyyyyy how convenient for 000webhost... no account is no payout...

I promise you $1000 for every member you show me that got paid by them (since I now know how they do the trick.. I can easily say that... but... I could be changing the payout policies though ;)

For all those people that think former affiliates just write this to waste their time. Think twice. Why would we write that it is a scam? Perhaps because it is a company telling lies. In short, perhaps because they are a SCAM???

Anonymous said...

I will write here too , I have 150$ and I am not payed for 2 m yet
so this is scam!

netsuccess20004u said...

I just sent them 1200 new accounts in the last 30 days. I guess I'll be able to tell you if they are legit or not. Will get back when I get the mula.

netsuccess20004u said...

If you want information on 000WebHost, search Aurimas Rapalis on google. It seems he has left a trail of infamy and fraud across the internet since the year 2000.
Interestingly he runs a string of web hosting review websites infotechtutors.com, webhosting-reviews.org,

emperors-seed.com, projectbeta.org, printars.com, passhost.info

he also owns a web hosting reseller site: princehost.com that carries some interesting complaints on google.

I will be sending out the dogs on this guy!

Anonymous said...

1 - They are not paying
2 - upgrade plan for their hosting seems to be an affiliate link masked with tinyurl.
you can use their free hosting as long as it works. but never join their affiliate program or never buy upgrade plan.

netsuccess20004u said...

Ditto on the upgrade and masked affiliate link. I informed them one evening that my sign up page was going on maintenance. They never answered my ticket but I noticed they redirected my sign up page to 0fees.net which is another of II Hosting Media's free hosting sites. I'm going to keep my affiliate status active and post the records on my site at www.createasite.net. I have over 900 sign ups so far and sure enough when they started to come due they sent me the 60 day notice and all of the ready for payouts changed to an additional 30 days. I have informed them of my concerns and so far I have not been terminated. The only people reporting payments are on 2 of II Hosting Media's web hosting review websites. These are owned by the same people that own 000webhost.

netsuccess20004u said...

I should correct an error on a previous post. The reseller website owned by II Hosting Media the owners of 000webhost is hostprince.com.

I would appreciate it if anyone who has received a payment from 000webhost would report it at www.createasite.net, so that I can post it.

Pir8Radio said...

Same here! had met my 100 dollar mark + annother 50 bucks and they closed my account when i started asking what was going on. I cant login now!!! They wont answer tickets!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah same here, after the 30 days...they canceled all mai PAID ones and changed the policy to 60 days:)) after 60 days...i reached 21 PAID, the second day they canceled some of my PAID ones and reached 16:O :))) support will not answer anything, it's just a scam guys dont be fooled

Anonymous said...

O,no! I thought that I finally had something great to promote and now all this. I have a site with them and it all looked so great,but all the comments make me wonder: if the affiliate program is a scam, then how long is the websites going to stay up. And do I really want my site associated with a scam, in whatever small way.

speedy_extreme1998 said...

I'm not doing the affiliate program and I don't care if the affiliate program is a scam, as long as I have my website up and running.. Let's just say, the affiliate program is one thing I can repay them.. I don't care if they don't pay me.. I am more than satisfied with their service.. The Free PHP and MySQL host is the greatest..

Lynxx said...

Oh and yeah, I noticed that their upgrade plan is redirecting you into another site.. Maybe they own the site..

make cash online said...

I have more than 200$ in affiliate account for more than 3 months! And am still waiting for my payment :))
Their affiliate program looks like scam.

But their free web hosting service is cool!
so i agree with speedy_extreme1998:

"the affiliate program is one thing I can repay them.. I don't care if they don't pay me.. I am more than satisfied with their service.."

but if you plan to make money only with affiliate programm - it is not very good idea :))))))))))

Santiago Rojas said...

im a moderator of their forum, lol

Anonymous said...

If you're a moderator of the forum you have no business posting here. You're part of the scam - if it is a scam. I have a lot of signups for their affiliate program, and soon they'll be due for the 30 days. I assume it'll be extended to 60, but after that I'm going to pay very close attention to what happens. I don't live in the US so I can't contact the FBI, but I will contact my country's equivalent if necessary.

Anonymous said...


i messaged the amin of the forums, and he said that they domnt control the program, another site does.

also, isnt tehre somehting on spam.com or a site, where you can report them? i say we report that site, everyone reports, then some one might do somehing about it./

free cool stuff said...

Their affiliate program is a scam !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

$ 305 ready to pay. On 29.July. - Additional 30 days was added. I really worked hard for this site and I needed of this money for my family. I am thinking that I will never see this money. God will punish them!

Anonymous said...

000webhost is a scam for affiliates, no doubt about it for me.

I have signed up HUNDREDS of clients as a test run to see if I wanted to push traffic to them harder. (I do this for a living)

Long and short, I asked about payment, and they locked me out of my account. 100% of the traffic that I referred was legit.

I've just filed a formal complaint with the FTC. I suggest that every other affiliate do the same.


c.b.fernald said...

Same with me. I 'signed up' over 600 and then they switched their policy to 60 days, right after the first few of the 600 got marked "Ready" for payment.

Then I got thinking: did I really signup 600 people? I mean those are their calculations - not mine. Maybe they just show ALL their signups to each affiliate so we get all excited and greedy and keep on promoting the site.


Anonymous said...

Yes, 000webhost.com is indeed a scam. I've been in the same position as many here with not being paid commissions.

Inquires will get your hosting account suspended. I've never been paid.

Also, all of the webhost reviews at http://www.jubileestallions.org/reviews/000webhost.com are fake. They are being posted by 000webhost.com themselves and any negative review gets deleted.

000webhost.com = scam

Anonymous said...

Save yourself a huge headache and HEED the warnings you've read elsewhere about this "affiliate program". It is a TOTAL scam. I fell for the lucrative prospect of $5 per signup but now I am in the same boat as all the others.

I signed up nearly 40 customers in less than a month and waited patiently for them to finish the "verification" process. After one month (30 days) affiliates are to be paid on the first of the following month.

Today (December 21, 2008) I receive an "announcement" in my affiliate home page stating the following (which others report as well):

"""Announcement: we have started to use 60 days signup verification procedure (we used 30 days signup verification system before). That is because we received lots of fraudulent signups especially from Vietnam and China and we need more time to check everything. So if you have referred user today, it will be credited in 2 months. We need these 2 months to protect us from fraudulent signups. We are sorry if we made any inconveniences for you and let us to know if you have any questions."""

FUNNY though, because I ONLY accept US traffic through google adwords and facebook ads, so there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that you were getting ANY Chinese and/or Vietnamese traffic to my referral link.

This is teh SAME tactic they use on everyone else. The thing is, this announcement was NEVER updated in their terms of service, thus making it a non-enforceable term of the affiliate promoting/payment conditions. As such the host is in breach of their contractual obligation to meet the payment deadline of January 1st if they indeed intend to hold off payment for another 30 days.

I suggest ANYONE who was scammed by this company take the time to report them to the host as well as PAYPAL so that paypal investigates and hopefully FREEZES their assets associated with their paypal account and puts a bit of hindrance at the very least on their scamming.

I also encourage anyone that has been scammed to file a formal complaint with the FBI online fraud division: http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx They are there to stop online fraud, even for just a few hundred bucks. With enough of us together, we will get the FBI's attention.

Also file a complaint at the FDC. http://www.fdc.gov

Anonymous said...

Stay well away from this "company". My experiences are well documented at my site as both an affiliate and a user. I strongly suspect that this was why my site was singled out for an illegal DDOS attack that crippled my server and why I am posting this anonymously for now.

The individual(s) behind this operation are very very dubious indeed. Netsuccess has done his homework and so have I.

000Webhost hide behind domains by proxy but they also run Hosting24.com which is registered to someone in Lithuania as is another of their scam phony review sites Vistainter.com which you will see looks identical to another of the sites mentioned by netsuccess, Emperors-seed.com.

Other important things to mention - the site has no privacy policy whatsoever. This means they have no regard for your personal data and will probably sell it at the drop of a hat.

Why the heck would anyone need you to verify by SMS??? To get your data - be very careful. There claims and justifications for doing this just do not hold water.

I have reported the operation to various authorities for both the affiliate scam and other nasty tactics. Several of their IP's were recorded in my logs showing very suspicious activity. If people speak out against them or post negative reviews they post spam in poorly written English posing as happy users or simply delete the negative comments from all the "review sites" that they own.

They are also spamming Google's index with doorway pages using countless domains all internally linked to hundreds of similar pages and I encourage webmasters to report them for this too so that Google remove their spam and lies from the SERPS. Here is a partial list of some of the domains they are using


You get the idea, the list goes on and on I've only covered the first few pages of Google for "000webhost reviews" but you can verify all this for yourselves.

they have no intention of providing reliable free hosting, they just want to capture people's information and then try to sell a paid hosting plan through their own operation. They close accounts for no reason and hide behind the fact that their TOS contain the catch all "we can delete accounts at any time for any reason without notice".

They do appear to have a lot of resources at their disposal but they are nothing but scum sucking bottom feeders of the web. There are so many red flags here so don't get caught.

Judging by the mounting evidence against them and their behavior, you have to wonder just what else they would be prepared to do to protect their probably lucrative scamming.

Johan said...

It is a scam, when i actually reach the minimal payout, my account get deleted. I cannot login anymore. It just simply said that my account was never exist.

Sad isn't it

Anonymous said...

I wish not concur on it. I think polite post. Expressly the title-deed attracted me to review the whole story.

Anonymous said...

Amiable post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.

Anonymous said...

it alwasy scam went i join it damn.......

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